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Female Voices Rock Film Festival

New York City
FilmFestival Fri, Dec 4, 2020 - Thu, Dec 10, 2020
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After Midnight
6 Films • Total Running Time: 88 min

Every world has a dark side.

Delve into the night to discover a world between darkness and light.

Against the clock
5 Films • Total Running Time: 82 min

A turning point is looming and time is running out.

The moment grows closer and closer and then your whole world shifts. In each of these drama, a crucial decision can be long and difficult or changed in an instant.

At the crossroads
7 Films • Total Running Time: 95 min

Discover who you can become on the path you choose.

Older and wiser, but not any easier. These coming-of-age films face the challenges of finding yourself and realizing what you might leave behind.

Coming Home
7 Films • Total Running Time: 96 min

Finding home can make us whole.

Family can be both a comfort and a struggle. These films explore the balance between becoming yourself and coming home.

Dear America
8 Films • Total Running Time: 91 min

America, it’s time for a look in the mirror.

Racism, violence, and inequality doesn’t have to be the story of America. These films confront the myriad crises in the United States today and look towards answers and healing.

End the silence
7 Films • Total Running Time: 88 min

To work toward change, we must tell our stories.

We've been silenced for too long and it's time to tell our story and make our voices heard.

In Between Two Worlds
6 Films • Total Running Time: 100 min

In order to grow one must take a risk.

Each of these characters must break free from their own constraints in order to live the life they’re destined for

Let's Rock!
6 Films • Total Running Time: 23 min

Female Voices Rock!

Our Choice
6 Films • Total Running Time: 89 min

Women’s lives are our own to choose.

From pregnancy to abortion, health decisions and sexual exploration, women must constantly defend their choices. These stories speak to current issues and potential futures surrounding the freedom of women’s bodies.

5 Films • Total Running Time: 94 min

Fight for your right to be who you are.

Despite their differences, each of these women face challenges and each share their determination, strength, and passion to triumph despite all odds.

Together (Forever?)
8 Films • Total Running Time: 90 min

Love is hard work, and forever is a long time.

Our relationships shape our lives, but sometimes things don’t go as planned. Each of these films explores what it means to love when it works out...and when it doesn’t.