My Thunder Bay

My Thunder Bay
Visual Art Gallery
Art, Northwestern Ontario, Canadian
11 minutes

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Presented by CAHEP and sponsored by the Thunder Bay Community Foundation, the 'My Thunder Bay' project was a six month photography course for a group of 10 students, all fairly new to photography. The group consisted of Syrian refugees and International students. The course ended with everyone choosing 3 of what they considered their favourite and most successful photos to be part of an online exhibition. The theme of  the course we were trying to ingrain in the students was to show, from their point of view, THEIR Thunder Bay. As newcomers to Canada, they have chosen Thunder Bay to be their home. The idea was that they could present, through photography, their connection to this land and community. 


Project coordinators & Exhibition introduction- Merk & Aya Wadi
Exhibition video - Merk
Music - Kenneth Preston Merkley/Ocean City Defender
Fatima Hasan, Nur Hasan, Zeyad Mohammed, Zenab Wadi, Paul Gonzalo Benalcazar Vergara, Marco Vinicio Guaman Hernandez, Ligia Simba-Bolonos, Bowen Jiang, Alankrit Mishra, Feras S. Battah
Presented by CAHEP
Sponsored by the Thunder Bay Community Foundation