Short Drama
Drama, Canadian,
15 minutes

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2022. Quebec sees an unprecedented influx of illegal migrants entering the country by hiking
through the wilderness that borders the United States. Radical groups are gaining supporters as
citizens grow dissatisfied with their government’s mishandling of the crisis. Six years old Alex is
oblivious to the world changing around him. The mysterious patrols his father leads with his
right-wing militia are just more opportunities to go play hide and seek out in the woods. That
morning, though, it all came into focus.


Director’s Bio.
Pier-Philippe Chevigny is a young filmmaker from Montreal, Quebec. His films share a common
signature, combining sociopolitical subject matter with suspenseful writing and intense, often
frantic camerawork. For the past few years, his short film have garnered international attention,
with Tala (2013) scoring a deal with European broadcaster ARTE and Vétérane (2017) selected
in numerous prestigious festival including Winterthur and Mecal Pro. With his latest short Rebel
(2019) competing at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival, Pier-Philippe is currently
finishing the script for his first feature length movie.