Shots of Light

Shots of Light
Music, Animation, International
4 minutes

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‘Shots of Light' is an animated music video by Christian Scharfenberg based on the song 'Shots of Light', by Morgan Finlay. The film follows 'Shemp' as they walk through the city, observing the world around them and taking hope from the shots of light that appear through the cracks.


Director Bio:
Christian Scharfenberg is an illustrator and animator from
Hamburg, Germany. Born in 1974, he studied Graphic
Design in London and classic 2D Animation in Hamburg.
Among his credits are several Feature and made-for-TV
films where he worked as a storyboarder, poster artist,
animator and hand double, including ‘Offside’ (2005),
‘Störtebeker’ (2006), ‘FC Venus’ (2006), ‘Das
Mädchen’ (2014), and ‘Big Dating’ (2020).
As a comic artist Scharfenberg is known for his ‘Cliff Steele’
series, which has been published since 2014 in ‘U-Comix’,
a renowned alt comic magazine based in Germany.