Short Drama
Drama, Canadian, Northwestern Ontario, Indigenous Voices
5 minutes

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An Ojibwe fancy shawl dancer named Namid and her Mishomis return home after a funeral. Namid's Mishomis senses she is lost and comforts her with a legend. The legend is about a warrior who lost their way, and through the guidance of the Northern Lights, they were able to find their way home. While he tells his story, we cut back and forth to Namid during her own struggle with finding her footing. Accompanied with the striking music of Melody McIvor and stunning Northern Lights visual effects, Namid finds strength in her connection to the generations of warriors before her.



Victoria Anderson-Gardner is an award-winning queer Ojibwe filmmaker from Eagle Lake First Nation, ON, currently based in Thunder Bay. Victoria is focused on creating Indigenous content, showcasing underrepresented communities and using their skills as a filmmaker to educate. Victoria recently won the 2020 City of Toronto Glenn Gould Protégé Prize for their work.

Sagi Kahane-Rapport is a Canadian-American film and commercial director based in Toronto, whose award-winning work ranges from feature-length documentary to animation to installation. Sagi is a two-time recipient of the Norman Jewison Filmmaker Award, as well as the Ryan Churchill Promising Filmmaker award, and the Harvey Hart Director’s Award.