Experimental, International
46 minutes

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Situated in the early 1970s, this experimental film chronicles one overnight expedition by a renegade band of females.
In an empty school building they take over a classroom and deliver a “lesson”. While taking care to feed themselves,
the women process a batch of rapist-killers i.e. execute them. The focus is pointed away from the men and onto the
almost telepathic cooperation between the women. Although very different from each other, they operate almost as
one. Veering away from standard drama of escalation, this film plays more like a shopping list being crossed off. The
repetition creating a rhythm, a monotony to reflect the monotony of violence against women. The film culminates
in a triple execution outdoors that has glamor, gore and humor fused together.


Director Bio:
Stavit Allweis is an Israeli-born, New York-based visual artist who’s journey has taken her from painting to the moving image. As her works became progressively narrative, she began to experiment with sequential art and comics. In 2010, intrigued by the language of cinema, she launched the production of Isness, an epic photographic novel. Allweis staged and directed the action as if it were a film. Using Photoshop, the still shots of the actors are set inside shots of handmade miniature environments she had constructed. The progress of this project can be followed on
In preparation for her shift into film, Allweis took courses in directing (Judith Weston) and acting (Jason Bennett) and joined the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective. The short film Cooking with Connie was Allweis’ first moving image project. It won Best Experimental at the Brooklyn Film Festival in 2017 among other awards.