In Case You Didn't Know

In Case You Didn't Know
Canadian, Drama,
3 minutes

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Mike lives a seemingly ordinary life, when he suddenly finds himself at his old therapist's house with his hands tied in ropes unaware of how he ended up there, he is forced to sit through a gruelling therapy session where a woman criticizes everything about him from his personality to his appearance. As Mike tries to escape he finds the ropes engulf him, making him powerless.


Director bio:
Jasmine Nichols-Piesik is an emerging filmmaker from Toronto, Ontario.She studied film and media production at Queen's University.She works in the costume department for films and tv, she recently decided to embark on a new creative journey writing, director and producing her own films.Jasmine seeks to tell stories from the female perspective, and is committed to encouraging diversity in the film industry. She seeks to tell compelling narratives, and combine her diverse skill set into making introspective films.