My Whimsical Resonance

My Whimsical Resonance
Short Documentary
Documentary, International, Experimental
10 minutes

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A stuttering musician Juuso Sintonen shows how art and playfulness help him not be so afraid of life. He is a professional pianist who was bullied due to his speech impairment throughout elementary school. In the documentary, Juuso talks about stuttering as a cerebral communication disorder, about Zen-Buddhism and how art and drama studies affected his self-esteem. During the interview, he performs as a street musician and relaxes in a floating tank. Juuso plays with accessories that textile artist Jenni-Juulia Wallinheimo-Heimonen made for him inspired by their discussions. A zoetrope hat that mimics fluent speech, lips given by passers-by, peeling onion shirt, flute-crutch, statement face mask and an EEG helmet are imaginative aids that invite people to make contact with a person, living with a stutter. They engage to a performative dialogue with the environment about thoughtfulness, the need for acceptance and our dependency on other people.


Direct, Screenplay, edit and crafts: Jenni-Juulia Wallinheimo-Heimonen
Starring and music: Juuso Sintonen
Camera: Rasoul Khorram

Jenni-Juulia Wallinheimo-Heimonen is a textile and conceptual artist, speaker and a disability activist. 2019 she received the State Prize for Multidisciplinary Art and in 2016 the Municipal Art Award of Nurmijärvi. Jenni-Juulia gives presentations about accessibility, political disability art, aesthetics of assistive devices and issues related to women with disabilities. She has facilitated social art workshops in Finland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Estonia and China and participated exhibitions in Finland and abroad. 2019 Jenni-Juulia´s short film Reflector of Living Will got the Best Screenplay at Pisa Robotic Film Festival. 2016-2017 her short film Illusionist's Visions screened at the festivals in the USA, France, Brazil, Canada and Poland. In 2019-2021 Jenni-Juulia makes "Empathy Objects" with three years funding by Arts Promotion Centre Finland.