Always Tomorrow

Always Tomorrow
Comedy, Drama, Northwestern Ontario, Indigenous Voices, Canadian
9 minutes

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Brad Sutler spends most of his time working at the café with his uncle Chip Sulter and hanging out with Noelle Meredith. Brad talks to some sailors about enlisting into the MS Bolster. Brad does not know if he wants to leave his family and friends behind for his dream of being a sailor. Noelle surprises Brad at the café about the good news she just got. Brad is happy to see her. Noelle tells Brad she is getting married to Mr. Maurice Denver, the sailboat merchant. The next morning. Brad was late for work. He ran into the happy couple Noelle and Maurice. Brad became jealous and caused a scene.


Director Bio:
Martin King is an Ojibway multi-media artist from Thunder Bay, Ontario with family roots in Gull Bay First Nation and Lac des Mille Lacs First Nation, he also went to high school in Flemington, New Jersey. He returned to Thunder Bay in 2010 to study film. After graduating from the Broadcasting and Film program at Confederation College, Martin dove into the arts and media community in a variety of ways including: directing, acting, and animation. Martin has also had his art in multiple exhibits at the Definitely Superior Art Gallery and the Thunder Bay Art Gallery.