Exercises in Being Close to You

Exercises in Being Close to You
Short Documentary
Documentary, Animation, Experimental, Canadian, Environmental
15 minutes

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Exercises in Being Close to You is an experimental documentary that follows a group of hikers through Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The team is in search of the Porcupine Caribou herd in hopes of collecting stories that could help push back on oil exploration and drilling on the caribou’s birthing grounds. The narrator, admitting to a perverse desire to be close to everything, wants nothing more than to spoon a caribou.

As the film culminates in anticipation of the “money shot”, the audience is pushed to evaluate its expectations of nature films. Meanwhile, the expedition team is left to weigh intention with strategy when environmental film making mirrors tactics of the extraction economy they are fighting against.

The film uses documentary footage of the two-week expedition inter-cut with experimental vignettes — exercises, to rethink our relationship to the land and animals we hope to protect.


Director Bio:
Krista Davis is a visual artist and filmmaker based in Yukon, Canada. Her recent projects engage with the messiness of human and non-human coexistence in an age of ecological crisis. Through her work she aims to make imaginative, even if somewhat impossible propositions to restructure the prevailing cultural and political norms, with the hope that it plants seeds towards a larger ideological shift needed for a more sustainable world.