U.S. Narrative Shorts
Family Drama, Teen Drama, Drama
10 minutes
United States

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This film was made possible with the support of TD BANK as part of the Screenwriting Incubator Initiative. ARLENIS is ten year old tomboy Afro Latina in the South Bronx who wants to be a skater like her teen big sister REINA (17). One day Reina asks their father MANNY (52) to go out with her skater boyfriend CARLITOS (19) before he is shipped off to the Armed Forces to earn his US citizenship. Arlenis is forced to join Reina and the three of them spend the day together giving Arlenis insight into being a Latina woman, seeing her sister as a sexual person, a woman with professional aspirations, and even learns how to skate with her and Carlitos. But by the end of the day, when Reina and Carlitos say their final goodbyes they come to realize their relationship is over as well as their dreams showing Arlenis the striking reality of growing up in NYC.


Cast: Alexandra Carrer, Nalani Carrasquillo, Nalani Carrasquillo Director: Casiano Roman Hamer