Documentary Shorts
Social Issues, Art
11 minutes
United States

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Many kids with an ethnic background face tremendous pressure from not only their families but their communities when it comes to following a certain path provided for them. Many of those kids aren’t always given the support to pursue their dreams in art. I can argue that art is not only what shapes a young kid's mind but it’s what shapes the world. Rather that kid wishes to pursue painting, acting, music, fashion, instruments, dancing, or filmmaking. That child should be allowed to flourish into themselves through art. Art is all around us and the reality is that it’s what heals us. Dreamers @work is a short documentary film that highlights kids who come from different backgrounds. It showcases the unique gifts each kid possesses in art and how art brings us together as a society.


Cast: Francesca Raimondi, Heaven Samia Weathersby, Nick Motley, Karina Rodriguez, Kayla Mak, Cisco Swank

Directed by Amna Ali