U.S. Narrative Shorts
Drama, Biopic, Social Impact
18 minutes
United States

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The true story of a young collegiate woman who tried to find justice for three years for her shelved rape kit—only to become the key witness in the Senate hearing to end the rape kit backlog. Can she trust the system that betrayed her?

In 2006, Mallory Newell (all names changed) was brutally assaulted and date-raped on her 21st birthday. The next day, she underwent a painful scientific 4-6 hour medical examination to collect clinical evidence. But because of the bureaucracy of the justice system, the police shelved her evidence and evaded her for almost two years, claiming the case to be “unwinnable.” But Mallory continued to help survivors, working at a rape treatment crisis center, where she is asked to advocate to end the Rape Kit Backlogs.
Eventually, she finds insurmountable courage to become the key witness at the Senate Judiciary hearing in 2010.


Cast: Jill Renner, Avis Murphy, Natalie Woodard, Gary Daniel Mosher, Ivan Ellis, Bailey Humiston, Bradley Layne Beachum, Beth Fraser

Directed by Jacqueline Elyse Rosenthal

Screenplay by Jacqueline Elyse Rosenthal