U.S. Narrative Shorts
Sci-Fi, Comedy
15 minutes
United States

This film has expired Tue, Oct 31, 2023 11:59 pm
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Bitty and Minnie pilot their Post Haste Shipping Company vessel,
delivering supplies for the ongoing and ambiguous rebuild of a
collapsed America. For these pilots, their world is almost entirely
contained to the inside of their ship - a self-driving behemoth with
no windows onto the landscape that corporate assures them is
haunted by dangerous Animals. Minnie has a vicious scar that
seems to back up this warning.

On a routine stop in a broken down Des Moines honky tonk, Bitty
and Minnie chat with the gruff barkeep Dot. Dot peppers questions
to Bitty and Minnie, since they are the only pilots she knows to
ever be attacked by an Animal. Bitty bats away the questions,
since she knows it was a drunken accident that led to Minnie's
jagged scar - not the Animal attack that they blamed it on.

Saving them from more lies, they meet Pearl - a shiny, new penny
of a woman. Young, passionate and artistic, Pearl delights Bitty
and makes Minnie nervous. Eschewing corporate policy, Pearl
stows away and soon disrupts the well-worn rhythm of life in the
cage of their ship - awakening hidden ambitions and exposing
buried bargains.


Cast: Arielle Estoria, Catherine Curtin, Amy Heidt, Dot Marie Jones

Directed by Lauren Adams

Screenplay by Margaret Miller, Jeff Roberts