U.S. Narrative Shorts
Drama, LGBT
11 minutes
United States

Available online here
Thu, Oct 13, 2022 12:00 am - Mon, Oct 31, 2022 11:59 pm

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It’s Manhattan, 1981. Ms. Honey, the lead at a regular drag show, flashes back to her healthier self, performing at the bar. Barbara, the owner of the bar, stresses over finances. Lady Cuchi-Cuchi works at a diner where the other queens, Babie Ruthe, Ju-Ish, and Aphra Titty, all meet up before heading to the club. Before they go, the queens get into a small argument about their relationships. Virginia Jean is waiting outside of the club as the others approach. Virginia is clearly worried about something, but Barbara steps in to reassure him.

In the dressing room, Aphra Titty expresses concern about this so-called “gay cancer,” but Ju-Ish tells him not to worry. Virginia walks in late and Ju-Ish teases him over worrying about Ms. Honey. Aphra titty defends Virginia, and all the queen start bickering. Just as the argument boils over, Barbara demands that the queens stop fighting and notices Ms. Honey is still not here.

As Barbara gathers the queens, Ms. Honey walks in, disheveled and i


Director: Zoe Belle Gronner

Cast: Joshua Holmes, Zoe Belle Gronner, Caleb Zatto, Sean Barnes, Michael O'Hara, Esteban Palma, Raleigh Tyler